Here's a few things you can do at
  • Evaluate your flights
  • Share your flight experiences
  • Compete in the Pilot ranking
  • Track your achievements

Evaluate your flights allows you to evaluate flights for IGC or OLC type tasks.

We have spent a considerable amount of effort in building our flight evaluation mechanism. The result is a state-of-the-art algorithm which is capable of accurately evaluating flights for performances according to the full sporting requirements of the IGC, as stated in the current FAI SC3 rules. Any type of declared distance, free distance or speed performance task available in the rulebook will be considered each time you submit a flight and a detailed report of the achievements accomplished will be made available.

In addition, we have included the OLC (5 turn point) distance task, which has proved to be a very popular cross-country task format.

View a complete description of the types of tasks

Share your flight experiences

One of our main objectives is to make it easier to share your flight experiences with fellow pilots, but also with friends and family which may not be involved in soaring.

For every flight you upload, we provide you with a tool to easily express your experiences. Whether you want to include a few comments on the conditions of the flight, or you want to write up an article complete with pictures and video from the flight. Just click the Blog tab on your flight page and start typing away.

You can also easily create a photo gallery for your flight. Click on the Images tag and drag-and-drop files from your computer onto your browser.

To show your friends your latest soaring adventure, or maybe let them know about an interesting flight you found on the site, make sure to press the like or tweet button on the flight page.

Compete in the Pilot ranking

What would cross-country be without competition? introduces a new format of competition which aims to rank pilots according to demonstrated soaring ability. Our purpose is to provide a format which is both flexible and enjoyable, allowing you to fly the style of flight you prefer, or maybe experiment with new types of tasks.

The rules are simple:

You can fly any type of task available at Every flight you upload is evaluated and the best scoring performance is considered for your pilot ranking. Flight scores are handicapped according to type of task and sailplane flown.

Ranking works with the concept of seasons: The three best flights from the current season count towards your score, in addition to the three best flights of the previous season and the three best flights of your best season ever (which can be the current season, or any season).

You will be ranked in your country (and all regional sub/super divisions) irrespective of where the flight took place, as well as in the worldwide ranking.

There is no deadline for submission of flights. Do not forget to upload flights from previous seasons, as they may count towards your ranking.

See the complete rules

Track your achievements offers a convenient way to track your flight achievements, whether you want to follow your progress through the FAI Badges or have a better understanding of your sporting performance.

By clicking the Badges tag on your pilot logbook page, you will be able to see the badges you have completed and the relevant flight performances.

The stats page contains a list of your personal records as well as detailed statistics on your flying record.

You can also search your flying record for particular types of performances by clicking on the Performances tab and choosing a search filter.

More to come

There is more to come. We are committed to building a state-of-the-art community knowledge base for soaring by providing the tools to make use of publicly-available and community-supplied information.