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Crosscountry pilot ranking rules
The Crosscountry Pilot Ranking competition provides a ranking of pilots according to cross-country soaring achievements. The aim of the ranking is to recognize cross-country soaring ability, to promote cross-country activity and sporting competition while also allowing pilots the flexibility to pursue different styles of cross-country flying.
Every flight submitted to crosscountry.aero by a pilot is eligible to be considered for the Ranking, provided the following conditions are met:

All flights submitted are automatically evaluated for inclusion in the Ranking. If any of the conditions above are not met, it is the responsibility of the pilot to notify the organizers as promptly as possible, so as to have the flight excluded from consideration.

Participation in the ranking occurs through submission of flights to crosscountry.aero. To participate in the competition, a pilot must submit at least one eligible flight.

There is no time limit for submission of flights.

Pilots may submit flights for inclusion at any time, however, participants are encouraged to submit their flights as soon as possible for consideration. They are also encourage to submit flights from previous seasons when they first join the competition, so as to guarantee the most accurate ranking possible. Deliberate delay of submission of flights for sporting reasons (e.g. to gain a sporting advantage by non-disclosure of performances to competitors) will not be tolerated and constitutes a breach of agreement to the regulations of the competition.

All pilots participate in an international ranking. Pilots also participate in a number of regional rankings, depending on their ranking region. A pilot's ranking region is defined by their nationality or their club's domicile. When a pilot belongs to a club outside their country of nationality, he/she may choose to be ranked either according to nationality or to the country where the club belongs. This choice can be made from the user account setting. For countries which are subdivided into regions, the pilot can also define the country region of their ranking. Depending on their ranking region, pilots will be given a ranking for this region and every regional super-division to which this region belongs to.

The region a flight takes place in does not influence the ranking region of the pilot.

Ranking mechanism
Each pilot is ranked according to the score achieved, which is the sum of points of the following:

A season starts in 15 October of the precedent year and ends in 14 October. For example: the 2013 Season starts 15 October 2012 and ends 14 October 2013.

For each category of ranking (i.e. Worldwide, continent/continental region, country, country subdivision) the pilots are ranked according to the points achieved and a numeric rank (1st, 2nd, etc) is provided. In addition, a percentile rank is provided to aid comparison between rankings of regions with different numbers of participants. This percentile rank is the percentage of pilots who are ranked bellow the pilot being ranked (i.e. a pilot who is number 50 in a ranking of 100 pilots will have a 50% percentile ranking).

Flight scoring mechanism
Each flight which is eligible for inclusion in the ranking will be evaluated for evidence of completion of any of the following soaring performances:

Free distance performances:

Declared distance performances:

Speed performances:

For a description of the different types of soaring performances please see the crosscountry task guide.

Each soaring performance achieved in a flight will be assigned a number of points scored according to the following formula:

Distance flights:
performance points
performance achieved in km
× ÷
sailplane index

Speed flights:
performance points
speed achieved in km/h
÷ × × ÷
sailplane index

The flight score will be the number of points of the best soaring performance achieved in the flight.

Performance points are rounded to the nearest integer.

Task coefficients
Performance typeTask coefficient
Straight distance1.25
Straight distance in declared leg1.25
Distance to goal1.40
Declared distance up to 3 turnpoints1.20
Declared distance out and return1.30
Declared distance FAI triangle1.50
Declared distance triangle1.25
Free straight distance1.25
Free distance 3 turnpoints1.00
Free out and return distance1.20
Free FAI triangle distance1.30
OLC distance0.80
Speed out and return1.30
Speed FAI triangle1.50

Speed baselines
TtypeCourse distanceSpeed baseline
Out & Return≥ 100 km110
FAI Triangle≥ 100 km90

Speed distance category
TypeCourse distanceSpeed distance category
FAI Triangle≥ 100 km100
FAI Triangle≥ 300 km300
FAI Triangle≥ 500 km500
FAI Triangle≥ 750 km750
FAI Triangle≥ 1,000 km1000
FAI Triangle≥ 1,250 km1250
FAI Triangle≥ 1,500 km1500
FAI TriangleFor any additional distances, a multiple of 500kmmultiple of 500
Out & return≥ 500 km500
Out & return≥ 1000 km1000
Out & returnAny further multiple of 500 kmmultiple of 500

The sailplane index is expressed in percentage points. Sailplane indexes used are those commonly available in the soaring community, namely the Daec list, with adjustments where indexes for particular models are missing.

The minimum flight performances eligible for consideration in the pilot ranking are:

Minimum performances
Performance typeMinimum distance
Straight distance10 km
Distance to goal50 km
Declared distance up to 3 turnpoints50 km
Declared distance out and return50 km
Declared distance FAI triangle100 km
Declared distance triangle100 km
Free straight distance10 km
Free distance 3 turnpoints50 km
Free out and return distance50 km
Free FAI triangle distance100 km
OLC distance50 km
Speed out and return500 km
Speed FAI triangle300 km

The objective of the flight scoring mechanism is to provide as equitable as possible a comparison of flights of different style conducted in different types of sailplanes. As with any such system, the end result is a compromise. The organizer reserves the right to occasionally adjust the scoring mechanism to ensure a more equitable comparison in the interest of sporting competition. Any such modifications will be published here.

Final results
At the end of each competition season, the rank listed for each pilot at the time of expiration ( 00:00 UTC of the starting day of the next season) will be recorded as the official ranking result for this season.

This result may only be revised if there is evidence of improper inclusion of flights in a pilot's ranking. Submission of flights past this deadline, which might have otherwise contributed towards this result will not be included, although such flights may count towards the official score of the pilot in subsequent ranking official results.

Further provisions
The competition is honor-based. While reasonable checks are enforced, participation is not overly restricted by complicated submission and verification rules. In all times, local regulations and sporting spirit must be observed. If it comes to the attention of the competition organizers that a participant seeks to gain an advantage in an unsporting way, or that a participant is in breach of the terms of use of the site, that person may be removed from the competition.

The organizer is the final arbiter of all sporting matters relating to competition results.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the competition for sporting or other reasons. Any modification of the terms will be published in this document.