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Cloudstreet overview
  • Cloudstreet is a flight analysis, planning & data management service which integrates directly into your crosscountry.aero account
  • State of the art features to help you make the most out of your flying: advanced analysis using established soaring mathematical models, intuitive visualization tools, powerful waypoint and task editing functions, integrated pilot logbook and more
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac, no software to install or update, just use your web browser and your files and data will follow you wherever you go
Launch price:
1 year subscription
$ 49.95
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Main features
  • Advanced flight analysis
  • Flight map tools and annotations
  • Integrated pilot logbook
  • Waypoint management
  • Task management
  • Advanced flight file import and management features
Compatibility requirements
  • PC or Mac with current version of web browser* (Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari)
    *Chrome recommended for fastest performance - some features may work on mobile devices
  • Internet connection